Saturday, October 21, 2006

Charming Cheesecakes.....

My dsB enjoys eating cheesecakes. Most of the time when I do a cheesecake, it's usually dss A & B and myself who enjoy eating it till the last morsel. Dh will only sample the first piece offered to him and then he will never go near it again. Here are some that I've done .....

Tiramisu. The recipe was taken from Kitchencapers.Recipe contributed by MamaC.

Mango yoghurt cheesecake. Recipe is also from Kitchencapers , contributed by LeeLee.

Tolberone chocolate cheesecake (non-bake).Recipe taken from the Philadelphia cream cheese box.

Baked Oreo cheesecake. Recipe taken from M4M. This is the boys favourite.

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Dorothy said...

Looks georgeous would you mind sharing the recipe? =)