Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cakes and more cakes ....

With the many kinds of cakes that I had baked, the simple buttercake and steamed sponge cake are the family's all time favourite. Dh actually grew up eating these two kinds of cake. They were available cheaply during his growing years. The steamed sponge cake is also the cake MIL made during his growing years. The strange thing is that I discovered that although MIL made the sponge cake often, she doesn't really like eating it. It was only for her children that she made the cake. I've sampled her steamed sponge cake almost every Chinese New Year and it's never consistent. Some years, it was good and dense and some years, the steam sponge cake failed. She has the recipe in her memory and she only estimates the amount of ingredients for the cake, When she makes it every year, the cake is a huge one....about 30 cm. in diameter. I have found a recipe in Kitchencapers and it gives a consistent taste and is soft and spongy and less dense than MIL's recipe.
Her are some of my family favourite cake pics ......

Orange chiffon. Recipe from Kitchencapers by Florence.

Buttercake. Recipe is from M4M by LeeLee.

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