Sunday, October 15, 2006

Of Breads and Buns .....

I am also crazy about making buns. I know from experience that bread is not easy to make cos there are so many things that can go wrong when making bread. I've ever experience dough not rising cos I killed the yeast or added too little yeast. I've also tasted yucky bread cos the recipe I followed didn't have sugar in it. My family members are used to eating soft bread and when the bread recipe makes a denser kind of bread, they didn't like it. I've used LeeLee's sweet bun dough recipe countless times cos that's the bread my family members like to eat. I must thank LeeLee for sharing her successful recipe.Here is sharing some of my successful bread bakes :-)

Plain buns with simple decorations. This is the type of buns my children like.

Chocolate chip buns.

Creamcheese buns.

Hum & tuna buns.

Cornbeef buns.

Curry buns.