Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chatting with Mummy.....

One weekend, while waiting for the children's catechism to end in Church, I had the opportunity to chat with my mummy. I asked her ....
"How come I don't seem to remember much the food you cook?"

But I do remember her rendang which tasted heavenly and spicy in those days. The recipe she said was from one of her Malay friends. When she explained about how it's done, I was cringing cos' I realised it involved a lot of manual work.

She has not cooked for a long time cos there were maids in the house to do that for a period of time in our lives.

I also remembered her attending Tham Yu Kai Restaurant Cooking classes at the Community Centre cos' I remembered papa and I got to fetch her from there after her cooking class. I also remember seeing a hexagonal shape kind of 'sieve' which she hung somewhere in the kitchen.

I guessed that she was learning restaurant cooking cos' we , as a family couldn't afford to eat at restaurants often. She said that during this period of time I was very seldom at home to witness the mess in the kitchen cos I was busy with secondary school activities. The person who saw all the cooking done was most probably my brother cos' he was still in primary school then. She said that she was cooking a storm in the kitchen....with lots of deep frying and then steaming and then grilling.
"Oh much work", I said to her and she smiled.

" should remember the beef steaks I did", my mom said to me.
She cooked this a lot cos my papa and brother loved beef but eversince the 'Mad Cow ' disease scare we had kept off beef for the longest time.

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