Monday, November 20, 2006

18th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

How time flies and it's already 18 years. Now with 2 teenagers, a pre-teen and a three year old, I was wondering how to cater to everyone's need to eat and enjoy themselves. So after Mass at 9 am. we drove down to SAFRA Tampines as we wanted to have our lunch at the Sakura Buffet Restaurant. We were a tad too early for them as the restaurant only opens at 12 noon. so with an hour to kill, I suggested to dh to go to the bowling alley to have a game. The Cathay Bowl was not crowded as we were early. We managed to have 5 games and the boys played snooker for a while. I can see that they really enjoyed themselves except for dd who cried her heart out cos she couldn't wear a pair of bowling shoes as her feet were too small. For that moment, I regret not having put an extra pair of shoes in the car. Other than that, all went well and we were really hungry after the bowling games. We headed down to the restaurant and there was already a queue forming. Howere we didn't need to wait long cos' the place had a huge seating capacity. Here's sharing with you some of the food pics and also the play pics I took during the day.

Do you recognise some of the family's favourite food taken that lunch?.
I realised that I missed out taking pics of the whole lot of sushi variety that dh was eating.


biow said...

u look so young!!! not wat i hv imagined!!

~ m_s

biow said...

u look so young!! not wat i imagine u to be.. :P

~ m_s

Precious Moments said...

Happy Anniversary.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi biow and Edith
Thanks for dropping by.
I look young :-).... biow, you've made my day.