Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll

It was from HERE that I learned about the recipe for the pumpkin roll. This roll has walnuts and pumpkin puree on it and it was a challenge to make a roll out of the sponge. The recipe doesn't have oil or butter but the sponge turned out soft and it was so soft that it cracked terribly when I rolled it. The reason could be that I didn't follow exactly what the video demonstrated and tried to short-cut the process. Nevertheless, the result of the recipe tasted good and the walnuts and cracks made the roll look a lot like a true log. Will be trying this recipe again and this time I may want to do some things differently.

The recipe was taken from the Kraftfoods website and I followed the recipe using the same amount of ingredients. The only exception was that I used only one tsp of cinnamon spice instead of pumpkin spice and used buttercream for the filling instead of creamcheese.

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