Monday, November 06, 2006

Muah Chee Adventure ....

I remember the day when dh returned from work and asked me if I knew how to make muah chee. I said I didn't but I could search for the recipe from the cooking websites that I frequent. He then shoved a piece of paper into my hands and said that his colleague made muah chee with the recipe given. I looked at the recipe and realised that the instructions given were very simple. My boys overheard our conversation and immediately got all excited. I managed to get hold of the ingredients the next day and here's sharing the pics of our Muah Chee Adventure.

Muah chee, finally steamed in the onion oil and checked that it's done.

My dss A and B couldn't wait to roll the muah chee in the peanut sugar mixture.

Here's ds getting hold of the muah chee in his hands to roll in the peanut sugar mixture. That's for him to eat only ;-p

Presenting...... the muah chee.

Recipe for Muah Chee
500gm of Glutinous rice powder (elephant brand)
800 mls of water
Mix them together to form mixture A .
Grease a tray with about 4 tbsp of Onion Oil (bought mine from NTUC) .
Pour mixture A into the tray.
Steam for about half hour (use chopstick to test for firmness when it's done).

Cut out the muah chee when it's warm and roll the pieces onto the prepared sugar/peanut powder(also bought from NTUC).
Ratio 1 sugar : 2 peanut powder Or adjust the sweetness according to your taste.
NB: We did only half recipe and already ate till jelak yum, yum.
Muah chee tastes best when freshly made and eaten the same day.


Anonymous said...

hey, I'd like to know the texture of this muah chee. Is it chewy like? I tried one recipe, which is 1 cup glutinous flour to 1 cup water and I find it a bit too soft. Thanks!


Chawanmushi said...

Hi lovetocook
I can't remember the exact texture cos' it has been a long time since I made it. I happened to ask my ds J and he said that it was chewy then.


alicesg said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I did it and it tasted so good. :)