Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rice and fish ...please.

So far, she never gets tired of eating rice and steam fish. She can eat this twice a day five days a week. Come weekends, she'll ask for chicken rice.
For variation, sometimes I fry fish for her cos I get tired of eating steam fish five days a week ;-)

For this simple dish, I'll use either sutchi or dory fish fillet and sometimes I'll also use threadfin fish. For 200 gm of fish fillet, I'll marinade the fish with a tbsp. each of chinese wine, sesame oil,cooking oil, light soya sauce and sprinkle with a dash of salt, pepper and sugar.
I'll also put three slices of ginger, juliened and smash a couple of garlic to put on top of the fish. Then I'll add about 6 to 8 tbsps of water to the dish and marinade for about half an hour. After that, just need to cover with a glass cover and pop the whole dish into the microwave.

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